You’re too old to go to a festival

You’re too old to go to a festival, they say. You’re past your prime, they say. And yes, I might have grown up in age but also in patience, so I ask myself: Can’t it be me who decides when I leave my prime behind? 

It’s true, I’m no longer that teenager that used to throw beer in the air while dancing in the first row of a concert. Now, I watch the concert from a good position, I listen to the music and drink my beer instead of washing my hair with it.

What happened to me? Am I no longer allowed to go nuts? 


When I was a 20-year-old, I used to join any friend of a friend that felt like partying. We would go to a concert and drink 20 beers, one per year of age. The day after that, I would still be able to get up early and have lunch at my grandmother’s, who advised me to make the most of my time.

If I have 20 beers today, tomorrow I’ll probably feel like I’ve been buried next to my grandma. That’s why I value my body much more and I choose quality rather that quantity. And I’m applying this to all spheres of my life.

Sometimes, I meet up with my best friends, those that have always been by my side. Sometimes, I enjoy a concert with my family, with my loved one and our son, who’s now turning 3.

Every now and them, though, I just call those friends that I haven’t seen in a while. And I confess that we’re so happy to catch up that, sometimes, we end up drinking almost one beer for each year of age. And we’re no longer twenty!


What does it mean that I’m no longer twenty? I was twenty some time ago, and I still keep those experiences that I’ll never forget. My twenties are mine forever.

It’s true that I used to have all the time in the world and I would waste it in any possible way. Now, I choose much better my festivals. My free time is precious and I know exactly how I want to spend it.

No, I’m not just going to any festival.


What are the best festivals? Those that I can enjoy with my friends or my family. Those that allow me to choose the peacefulness of eating next to a foodtruck or the adrenaline of dancing in front of a blasting stage.

What are the best concerts? Those that begin in the last row and continue with a magic explosion.

The magic I’m talking about is some sort of magnetic force that draws me to the front row. And then I end up jumping, dancing, singing. 

I sing like the crazy teenager I’ve always been, I dance like the teenager that decided to be an adult but will never be able to renounce the very essence. And I jump because I want my partner and my son to see me and laugh out loud.

That’s when I know I’m at my best. 

Cruïlla Festival can be enjoyed during both day and night with your family or friends. 

Take a look at the line-up and look for the bands you like. You can buy a day ticket or, if you want to live the whole experience, a full-pass ticket.

But, mainly, dance, jump and sing, because your time is now.