Arnau Obiols

Saturday 14
Starts at 22:00:00
Ron Brugal
Arnau Obiols

Arnau Obiols: disco, house and improvisation

Arnau Obiols: a DJ, musician and promoter that gathers old jazz, soul and funk sounds together and throws them against the wall. The wall is a disco-house beat that makes his samples bounce all over the place. And so a really danceable DJ set with vintage nuances is brought to life.

He has already performed in New York, Bali and Hong Kong. Now is the time to hear him at the Brugal stage of Festival Cruïlla on Saturday, July 14th. With your Saturday ticket you will also get to see Justice and Orbital live, among many others.

Buy here your ticket for Saturday or, if you would rather live the whole experience, get a several days festival pass.

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