Dj Questlove

Saturday 14
Starts at 01:30:00
Ron Brugal

DJ Questlove: Main headliner of the Brugal Stage

Like a spaceship lands on an undiscovered planet, a comb stabs some big round afro hair.  And this can only mean one thing: Questlove, the legendary drummer and leader of The Roots, has arrived. 

In an interview, he stated that his real vocation is to be a music teacher, only that he’s not giving his lessons in a classroom. His lessons consist of a several-hour DJ set. ‘I love it when people take out their phone and Shazam the songs I’m DJing!’, he said.

Besides being a headliner of the Festival with The Roots, we’re very proud to announce that we’ll have DJ Questlove at the Brugal Stage on Saturday 14th July. With your Saturday ticket you’ll also see the live concerts by The Roots, Justice, David Byrne and many others.

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