Festival Cruïlla 2024

Al·lèrgiques al pol·len

Saturday 13 July
Starts at 19:00
Escenari Johnnie Walker

Al·lèrgiques al pol·len IN CONCERT AT THE FESTIVAL CRUÏLLA 2024!


No vull jugar més al teu joc, pujo a l’escenari, soc l’estrella del pop (I don’t want to play your game any more, I go on stage, I’m the pop star). The return of one of the most listened to songs from their latest album, ‘Crits, cants, baralles’, perfectly defines the philosophy that this girl band from the Gràcia neighbourhood will follow to continue transforming themselves in 2024: to recover the voice and the spaces that the mainstream industry has historically taken from female artists.

And one of the first steps Al·lèrgiques al Pol·len will take to achieve this is to take the stage at the Festival Cruïlla 2024!

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Having a good time with friends, making festive and nostalgic music at the same time, claiming their rightful place and proving that indie-pop in Catalan is possible: Al·lèrgiques al Pol·len have been fighting against the pain of constant pressure since 2019 and giving us songs as tender as they are heartbreaking, such as “Sal i vespre” or “15 dies”.

This summer they will present us with a new staging and will incorporate to their electric live show the new songs that they will be releasing from spring onwards. Don’t miss them!