Festival Cruïlla 2022

Habla de mí en presente

Saturday 9 July
Starts at 18:15
Escenari Four Roses
Habla de mi

Talking about dancing: Habla de mí en presente at the Cruïlla Festival 2022

Keep in mind that the Four Roses Stage has limited capacity. If you want to see this artist, please come before the show starts.

They were born in Berlin, with the desire to warm up the bodies of the German capital through music that would make people dance and laugh. 6 musicians from different parts of the world, pooled their talent and let their rumba infuse with the techno that sounded in the corners of the city. And so, between tradition and modernity, Habla de mí en presente delighted the souls and made them dance to the rhythm of their technorumba. The originality of their music, their stage presence and the sincerity of their compositions are what have guaranteed them continued success.

In 2017 they released their first album Rumba del Nord, a presentation demo that would be just a small tasting of everything that was to come. An album with songs like Tiempo or Bonita, a track that they themselves defined as one of the most special.

From Berlin they came to Barcelona, where they began to venture playing in music halls and bars, in front of an audience that understood their lyrics and that opened a new cultural dimension for them. And with the arrival of 2022, their most recent project comes to light, which kicks off a new stage, the release of their album; Vivir más. An album with songs like Ksa, Fa calor or the one that gives its name to the album itself, Vivir más, with lyrics that do not lose the humorous and surreal touch that defines the group, and rhythms that drink from techno, hip hop or afro beat.

After enjoying a more intimate concert at the Cruïlla Primavera, we will be able to experience them live on July 7th at the Cruïlla Festival 2022.

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