Festival Cruïlla 2022

Queralt Lahoz

Saturday 9 July
Starts at 20:30
Escenari Four Roses
Queralt Lahoz Festival Cruïlla

Purity (Pureza) returns: Queralt Lahoz at Cruïlla Festival 2022

Keep in mind that the Four Roses Stage has limited capacity. If you want to see this artist, please come before the show starts.

Queralt Lahoz‘s music is crossed by Latin, street and urban sounds: soul, hip hop, trap and dancehall dialogue with grace and naturalness over an aura of coplas and boleros that emerge spontaneously in a sort of irrepressible revelation of her flamenco origins and her personal landscapes.

Faughter of Andalusian immigrants on the outskirts of Barcelona, Queralt Lahoz‘s magic lies in her tradition, drawing on the genealogy of the working women in her life and her suburban childhood. She builds a flowery bridge between past, present and future, which gives her music an unmistakable character.

She presented the album Pureza at Cruïlla XXS 2021 with a sold out show that blew us away. The next logical step was to bring her back home and offer her a much bigger stage, big enough to house all her talent. On 9 July, don’t miss Queralt Lahoz at Festival Cruïlla 2022.

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