Festival Cruïlla 2022

Ill Pekeño & Ergo Pro

Wednesday 6 July
Starts at 20:15
Ergo Pro _ Ill Pekeño Primavera

From Madrid to Success: Ill Pekeño & Ergo Pro at Cruïlla Festival 2022

Among the emerging national scene of urban styles, moving like fish in water, Ill Pekeño & Ergo Pro have arrived to make this clear. They are the agent of death, hitting everyone with their rhymes, and the beast incarnate of the best rap. Leaving no one indifferent, they made their way through the streets of Madrid. And from Madrid to succeed.

Some people “kill them by keeping quiet” and then there is him, Ergo Pro, aka Bobby Nigeria for his friends, who kills them by rapping. Disciplined and a warrior, his lyrics hide as much as a good film, one of those that you have to see more than once to grasp all its subtleties. And when he gets on stage, he floods everything with his charisma and flows in his natural element.

He is joined by Ill Pekeño, who would be an ordinary kid from the south of Madrid if it weren’t for the fact that he is a real beast at rapping. He arrives with lyrics full of hieroglyphics to decipher, references to contemporary culture and his neighbourhood; from the Marvel universe to the football fields of the 2000s.

After forging a career in rap and a friendship together, the inseparable Ergo Pro & Ill Pekeño take the stage of the Cruïlla Festival on July 6th after selling out at Cruïlla Primavera. Excitement, passion and the best of bliss in front of a devoted audience eager to go aphonic. One of the Cruïlla concerts you want to experience at all costs.

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