Festival Cruïlla 2022


Wednesday 6 July
Starts at 19:15
Estrella Damm
Toteking Festival cruïlla

The King is back: Toteking at Cruïlla 2022

There are many ways to reign. Toteking has decided that getting all his records played all over Spain for 20 years is his way of reminding us who is the true king.

Toteking releases The Kingtape, an impeccable collection of hits with which the MC claims what is already his: the throne of national hip hop. 18 tracks, half of them unreleased to date, with a Tote who can’t resist anything: from classic boom bap to rap rock, Latin airs or trap sounds. He is still there rapping splendidly, fast, with the same nerve as always and with a sharper verb than ever.

After being sold out at the Cruïlla Primavera, the king will conquer the Cruïlla Festival on July 6th. If you missed the concert at the Apolo, don’t miss another opportunity and come to the Parc del Fòrum!

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