Ninhodelosrecaos DJ

Friday 13
Starts at 21:00:00
Ron Brugal
Ninhodelosrecaos DJ

Ninhodelosrecaos DJ, everything you’re looking for in a DJ set

Hiding behind Ninhodelosrecaos DJ we find Rubén Sierra Jiménez, songwriter, singer and guitarist in the catalan band La Pegatina. His trips with La Pegatina discovered him all the musical styles that he’s now mixing in his DJ set: rumba, ska, rock, punk and also merengue and salsa, because why not?

His eclectic set is full of surprises and you never know what style will be next. But you do know you’re feeling the kind of good vibes that make you want to dance. And you’re listening to the songs you like.

With your ticket for Friday, 13th July you will also see La Pegatina, Kygo and Bomba Estéreo live, among many other artists.

Buy here your ticket for Friday or, if you would rather live the whole experience, get a several days festival pass.

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