Kase.O, Residente and Lágrimas de Sangre


July 2nd at Cruïlla Festival: Kase.O, Residente and Lágrimas de Sangre!

Once again, we’re choosing urban music to open the festival, this time relying on three artists with a long and well-respected career, both in a national and international level. Two old friends of Cruïlla and a band that will visit us for the first time, three shows you can experience with just one day-ticket.

Cruïlla 2020 starts on July 2nd: Welcome!

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Kase.O, esto no para

Kase.O earns a level of respect that not many rappers managed to earn. For opening a door to the hip hop scene in Spain, for putting jazz and rap together in the album Jazz Magnetism, for continuing a flawless solo career with El Círculo.

Residente, from Calle 13 to conquer the world

Salte del closet: a Residente show is just like you imagine it. René Pérez is probably the only singer that manage to put millions of people to dance with political reggaeton. When the latino rhythms and the No To War messages come together, then you know another reggaeton exists.

The Calle 13 classics and the unstoppable hits by Residente will take over the main stage of Cruïlla on July 2nd 2020.

Lágrimas de Sangre are here!

The ska and reggae band from el Maresme worked hard for more than 10 years until they found themselves being a group of friends singing for thousands of people.

They never performed in Cruïlla before and we can’t wait to listen to hits like Vértigo, Voy a celebrarlo or Buen viaje live. We heard they have an outstanding convening power, but on July 2nd we will reach a new milestone in the history of Lágrimas de Sangre.

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