Saturday, July 6 at Festival Cruïlla

Cruïlla Comedy

Saturday 6 July
Cruïlla Comedy

End your worries with a laugh

Laughing in group has a curious effect. Not only is it contagious, but your laughter gets louder than ever. Suddenly, you laugh with total freedom. So, on July 5th and 6th, we expect that everyone in Barcelona could hear your laughs coming from Cruïlla Comedy‘s tent. Because our new comedic stage will be filled with comedians for all tastes!

This year, Luis Álvaro, Valeria Ros, Susi Caramelo, Riot Comedy, Iggy Rubín, Antonio Castelo and many other Spanish comedians will join Cruïlla Festival. 30 humourists with the same purpose: make Parc del Fòrum burst into a huge collective laughter!

Moreover, Cruïlla Comedy will be lead by an exceptional master of ceremonies: Tomàs Fuentes, scriptwriter of the radio program La Competència and regular contributor to Andreu Buenafuente, Berto Romero, El Mundo Today and other comedians and humour groups.

Because life is complicated, we know. But laughing about it is the best way to start seeing it optimistically. So, this year, get into Cruïlla 2019 full of worries and get out full of positive energy.