Saturday, July 6 at Festival Cruïlla

Michael Kiwanuka

Saturday 6
Starts at 21:30:00
Time Out
Michael Kiwanuka

Hail to the gifted son of soul

Michael Kiwanuka is an emotional boy who does better at composing when he’s feeling down. It might have to do with his precocity and the dazzling speed of his success. Or maybe it’s just striking to have all the eyes on you, and to receive phone calls from Adele and Kanye West, when you’re only twenty-something.

It is undeniable that Kiwanuka is already a big name of soul and folk music. It is undeniable that he updated classic soul with a new kind of groove. And there’s no doubt that Festival Cruïlla is the perfect scenario for his show.

Kiwanuka will perform on Saturday, 6 July at Cruïlla, offering this unique show in Spain. With your Saturday ticket you’ll also be able to see Kylie Minogue, Tiken Jah Fakoly and Love of Lesbian, among many others!

Buy here your Friday ticket or, if you’d rather live the whole experience, get the full festival pass.


Michael Kiwanuka will perform his last album, Love&Hate, as well as songs of his whole career.

A musician that has been supporting artist of Adele and is now touring with Mumford&Sons. A professional musician that performs everything he creates flawlessly. A normal boy who’s able to convey all the emotions that he feels when he creates his music. Kiwanuka will do it all in an unforgettable stage: Cruïlla 2019.