Festival Cruïlla 2023

La Élite

Wednesday 5 July
Starts at 22:30
Escenari Vueling

La Élite in concert at the Cruïlla 2023 Festival

Sonic uncivility

Spontaneity, rage, danger, irreverence, beer, CBD and electricity. A lot of electricity. Synthpunk is back. But nothing in this world happens by magic: if we are back to shouting and dancing to the rhythm of a synthesizer, it is largely thanks to La Élite.

La Élite has been added to the Cruïlla 2023 line-up and will be performing next Wednesday 5th July at the festival. Wear comfortable shoes, because we’ll burn them.

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La Élite is the band you need and you don’t even know it yet. Their music is full of references, but this is happening here and now. There’s a straight path to get to your destination at full speed and without brakes, and they are more than ready to break through some walls.

While the party lasts, Nil and Diosito are there to give us electropunk by the bucketload and one of the most fun parties we can remember. Are you ready?