Two Door Cinema Club (Cruïlla 2017)

Two Door Cinema Club

Who says Millennials don’t like guitars?

In times where the key to success seems to lie exclusively behind media strategies, Two Door Cinema Club has been a refreshing surprise: a trio of young Brits who, by performing live and composing great guitar-based pop songs, amassed a cult of loyal and enthusiastic followers. However, all this fell on the deaf ears of the media and the industry. Eventually, everything exploded for them at the beginning of the decade with tracks like “What You Know” becoming one of the main tunes of the new millennium.

The passage of time hasn’t burnt out Two Door Cinema Club’s talent, in fact quite the opposite. Far from falling into habits, their third album, Gameshow, sees Alex Trimble, Sam Hallyday and Kevin Baird opening up the sound spectrum to introduce elements of funk, disco and krautrock. The result: an innovative yet proudly pop sound, full of earworms and surprising concepts. The group has always felt very much at home in Barcelona, and we have no doubt whatsoever that their appearance at Cruïlla will leave their followers in ecstasy.