Friday, July 5 at Festival Cruïlla

Aquelarre de Cervera

Friday 5
Starts at 23:00:00
Time Out

When fire ignites magic

Fire and music share some features. Both of them can be found in nature and we can be groggy with them for hours. They provide us warmth and make us feel happy. A lot of musicians add flames and fireworks to their shows. And both of them can heart us: fire burns and music stabs our hearts.

That’s why the fusion of Aquelarre de Cervera and Cruïlla 2019 feels so natural. For a second year in a row, witches and demons come to our festival from Segarra’s capital. They will bring magic and fire to Parc del Fòrum with a fire party to be remembered.

Get ready to jump and laugh sourrounded by a sparkling rain while you get amazed with their fireworks and have fun playing with hell creatures. This year, Cruïlla Festival is on fire thanks to Aquelarre de Cervera!