Festival Cruïlla 2023


Friday 7 July
Starts at 01:45
Escenari Vallformosa

Cupido in concert at the Cruïlla 2023 Festival

The most handsome at the party is the one who believes it

“Quise matarme y me disparé / Una flecha con mi propio arco / Y en vez de morir me enamoré / De mí mismo en medio de un charco.”

When a pop group is called Cupido, you can expect love to be a central theme in their lyrics. But when this group is fronted by Pimp Flaco, the cements of pop are blown away and you have a unique phenomenon: the first pop group to talk about self-love.

On 7 July 2023, Cupido arrives for the first time at the Cruïlla Festival, and who doesn’t want a good dose of self-esteem?

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“Mi papá y mi mamá me hicieron la cara demasiado bien / La gente linda como yo no suele caer bien / Ser tan guapo no es tan guay como los feos creen.”

Singing live lyrics like the ones from Autoestima can be a cathartic experience. Because, suddenly, everyone is the most beautiful person at the party.

After a period in which it seemed that desire was fleeing and that the band was breaking up, Cupido is back with a vengeance. And it must be true that love after a break-up is doubly intense: their album Sobredosis de amor (2022) is a musical ecstasy of instantaneous combustion.