Festival Cruïlla 2023


Friday 7 July
Starts at 02:00
Johnnie Walker

Victorias at the Cruïlla Festival 2023

Another small victory

“When we started writing the album, we realised that these songs were made to be sung with a clenched fist. Not aggressively, but with soul and from the heart“.

We have all shaken our clenched hand at some time or another to celebrate a small victory. And with that idea was born Un puño amable, the latest album by Victorias, an emerging band that promises to give us a lot of joy.

Next Friday 7 July, we welcome Victorias with open arms at the Cruïlla 2023 Festival. And, for us, having bands like this at the festival is a small victory and a great joy.

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It sounds like dream pop, indie rock and even post-punk. Un puño amable is a collection of everyday stories, sometimes told with humour and irony. And it is also an exhibition of addictive turns, which are contagious from the first few listens.