Festival Cruïlla 2023


Saturday 8 July
Starts at 22:00
Escenari Oxfam Intermón

Leiva in concert at Cruïlla 2023!

Between hypnosis and dynamite

The year 1999. A group of friends get together to create a rock band and call it Pereza. Shortly afterwards, the album Animales turned them into a national and international phenomenon. And one of its members stands out thanks to constant work, compositional brilliance and passion for music: Leiva gave off a special magic.

The inevitable happened: Leiva’s solo career is a succession of hits that began with the album Diciembre and culminated in a huge explosion, Nuclear, an album that broke all the moulds.

Leiva arrives at the Cruïlla Festival next Saturday 8 July, with Cuando te muerdes el labio and all the joys he is preparing for us in 2023.

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We saw him at the Cruïlla 2021 Festival and at Cruïlla XXS 2022, with a double sold out. In both cases, Leiva had us in his pocket from start to finish. Because only he is capable of hymning us with one song and dynamiting our feet with the next.