Festival Cruïlla 2023


Saturday 8 July
Starts at 02:30
Johnnie Walker

Shego in concert at the Cruïlla 2023 Festival!

Fun, friendship and screaming

“Fun, friendship and screaming” is how Shego defined themselves in an interview. These three words would already be good friendship goals for any group of friends. But if, on top of that, the screams turn into songs and thousands of people like them, what more could you ask for?

Shego arrives on 8 July at the Cruïlla 2023 Festival with a truck full of energy and punk attitude.

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After acid songs like Vicente Amor or oh boi, Shego release LUCKY, a single with a sound closer to shoegaze. The truth is that ballads like La quiero a morir or Pablo (Paul’s version of Big Thief) show that Shego is more than punk, it is a band capable of transmitting emotions that go far beyond rage.