Festival Cruïlla 2023

Viva Suecia

Friday 7 July
Starts at 22:00
Escenari Oxfam Intermón

Unconditional love: Viva Suecia at Cruïlla 2023!

Love at first sight, crush, platonic love… There are a thousand ways to fall in love, and Viva Suecia‘s latest album has awakened them all. As we write this, El amor de la clase que sea is number 1 in vinyl sales and number 2 in album sales. Four guys from Murcia above Bad Bunny. We have no doubt about it: what we feel for them is unconditional love. That’s why Viva Suecia is the first announced band for Friday 7 July at Cruïlla Festival!

Get your Cruïlla 2023 ticket, come see Viva Suecia and many other artists:


When it comes to love, Viva Suecia have proved themselves capable of seducing thousands of people. After a meteoric Sold Out at Cruïlla Tardor 2022, it’s time to think of sun and festivals. And of your favourite indie band, and of summer loves.

Come see Viva Suecia and many more artists next Friday 7 July. Because we say that Cruïlla Enamora, but it’s not enough just to say it. Love, whatever kind it is, is inexplicable. Everyone knows that you have to feel it to understand it.