From October 14 to November 1, 2018


Sala Razzmatazz, Hivernacle del Poble Espanyol & Sala Bikini

Discover Cruïlla de Tardor 2018!

Throughout the whole month of October and November, we’ll enjoy a series of concerts which will delight indie lovers, punk rockers, Catalan pop enthusiasts and die-hard fans of gypsy and Balkan music, and many more! Below, you’ll find the complete line-up for Cruïlla de Tardor 2018. Find your concert, choose your date!

MGMT. The 80s are jealous

The undisputed kings of electropop, they rule the modern psychedelic music scene. On October 25, MGMT will entertain us with a night of dancing and intense emotions at the Hivernacle in Poble Espanyol.

The 80s are jealous of MGMT, and for good reason: the best of 80s music is being made now. Tickets on sale soon.

Ticket price is 32,5 (in advance) or 40 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

Cat Power, the great voice of folk

Cat Power has made a name for herself as one of the great voices of folk and soul, and she’s working on an album that takes us through the emotional journey she’s been on to get to where she is today.

We’re in luck: we can see Cat Power live on November 1 at Sala Razzmatazz.

Ticket price is 28 (in advance) or 33 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

Kusturica, the great Balkan festival!

Traditional Balkan music is best left to the maestro. On October 18, Emir Kusturica is putting on what is sure to be a thrilling performance at Sala Razzmatazz 1, joined by musicians from The No Smoking Orchestra.

What’s more, since the party never stops, we’ll also see Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, a group formed in Barcelona with international recognition.

Ticket price is €32 (in advance) or €37 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

Anna Calvi, a unique artist

Anna Calvi is already shaping up to be a leading artist on the English indie-rock scene, having even been compared to the likes of Patti Smith. There’s no doubt that she’s equipped with a powerful voice for even more powerful music.

We can see Anna Calvi live on October 14 at Sala Razzmatazz 2.

Ticket price is €20 (in advance) or €25 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

The transformative power of Viva Suecia and Neuman

There are bands that transform you, and Viva Suecia is one of them. Now, you can put this to the test live on October 21 at the Hivernacle in Poble Espanyol. One thing’s for sure: Viva Suecia isn’t going to stop selling out any time soon, so don’t miss out on your ticket!

What’s more, for the same price you can see Neuman, the band led by the great Paco Román, who’s a musician through and through.

Ticket price is €22 (in advance) or €27 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

La M.O.D.A. & Animal: Let’s get excited

On October 20, the Hivernacle at Poble Espanyol will welcome La M.O.D.A.’s sensitive and visceral breed of rock music. The group from Burgos is a relentless force, with every song released written with yet more energy than the last.

For the same price, we’ll also see a concert from Animal, the great pioneer in Catalan pop-folk.

Ticket price is €20 (in advance) or €25 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

Myles Sanko + The Excitements: Soul, soul, soul!

Myles Sanko is a real craftsman of soul-jazz music, and thanks to all his work and passion, he’s rightfully earned his place as a major name in European soul. We’ll see him live on October 19 at Sala Bikini.

With the same ticket, we can enjoy a concert from The Excitements, a group from Barcelona that takes us back to the days of pure sixties American soul.

Ticket price is €25 (in advance) or €30 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.

Mafalda & Tremenda Jauría: We will not be silenced!

This year, we know what we’ll be doing on Halloween. On October 31 at Sala Razzmatazz 1, we welcome a concert from Mafalda, one of the biggest anti-establishment groups on the music scene, and the band behind the genius blending of diverse styles such as reggae, ska, metal and hardcore.

What’s more, with the same ticket we’ll dance to the rhythm of Tremenda Jauría, the group that shows us that reggaeton can be rebellious and feminist.

Ticket price is €15 (in advance) or €18 (ticket booths). Buy tickets.