Cruïlla 2021


Friday 9 July

Editors: now nothing but the best

15 years, 6 albums, thousands of shows all around the world. At this point, Editors look back and ask themselves: “What’s the best music we’ve done so far? This is how Black Gold (2019) was born, a compilation of the greatest they’ve ever done. And then the next step became obvious: making Editors’ ultimate live set, a concert that would only include the best of the best.

Editors have grown up and not only designed a tour with the best of their history, but also they intend to adapt the tour to festivals. And this is the unprecedented show that we will see on July 9th at Cruïlla 2021.

Those who have followed the band for years can be sure that all the classics of each era will be played. And those who fell in love with Editors more recently have a unique opportunity to discover their best music with all the power of a Cruïlla stage.

Papillon, Munich, Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors. Editors have a legacy of alternative pop-rock anthems that will soon be turning 20.

But the band is still going strong: Black Gold, Upside Down and Frankenstein are 3 brand new singles that joined the compilation of the best of the British band. And they prove that Editors’ future is as promising as their past.