Festival Cruïlla 2022


Friday 8 July
Starts at 21:00
Escenari Vueling
Zahara cruilla 2022

Thank God: Zahara at Cruïlla 2022

If music were a religion, Zahara would have a legion of worshippers. If a concert were a religious service, entire villages would make a pilgrimage to hear her sing. And if Cruïlla were a convent, Zahara would be the Mother Superior. Thank God, the world is not such a puritanical place. Luckily, there are spaces where we still like to transgress.

Electronic music has deeply marked the character of her latest album, PUTA, and that will be the starting point of her new live show. 11 new songs that are added to the singer’s usual repertoire, but with a totally different staging. Three musicians on stage and a concert divided into three acts where you can travel from absolute intimacy to techno and dance. An emotional and artistic journey that completes what MERICHANE began in January 2021.

Zahara arrives at Cruïlla 2022 to offer a mass of electronica, poetry and dance. It will take place next Friday, 8th July, and we’re waiting for you!


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