Residente (Cruïlla 2017)


Residente’s performance was one of the most memorable live shows of Festival Cruïlla. This year you can enjoy again the best concerts at Parc del Fòrum. Take a look now at the full line-up of Cruïlla 2018 and get your tickets for the festival.

The voice of Calle 13 presents his solo project

For the Cruïlla crowd, René Pérez Joglar needs no introduction. With his group Calle 13, this artist who goes by the name Residente blew up the festival with his Latino and polychromatic hip-hop. This year, however, Residente is paying us a visit to show us a new side to his artistic personality – his first solo album, introduced by the striking music video for the explosive anthem Somos Anormales.

Why has the rapper just decided to turn his career around? We’ll let him tell you in his own words: “Art needs to transform itself in order to always be new. That’s why whenever our work reaches a certain level of popularity that we start to feel comfortable, we have to abandon it before it becomes a routine”. Whatever he has in store for us with his latest artistic product, it is clear that Residente will always leave us speechless.